Sport route

Cream has a strong sport spirit, so that has been chosen to be the European City of Sport in 2016. The “Cremasco” area has always been very active, and thus lead to high level sport clubs, result of front-rank services and sport facilities. The “Trofeo Dossena” (one of the most important trophy in International youth football) and the International Tennis Tournament U16 are just two of the big events taking part in the city. The long cycle paths surrounded by greenery along the Serio river are ideal for those who love outdoor sports. For the more adventurous, we suggest a trip by kayak with an instructor along the rivers of the Natural Park of the Serio and Adda.

The proposed itineraries are:

1 - Kayak - Parco del Serio:
Hike along the river Serio truly lovely with unique views and highly effective for those who want to spend a day a little 'thrilling aboard kayaks in contact with the sun, nature and water. Departure by car from Crema starting down that will be Mozzanica where the river still has those characteristics almost to the creek, but quiet.Stop for lunch exceeded Cross downstream of Casale Cremasco and arrival in late Cream pomeriggio.Questa excursion has a difficulty medium / low with transhipments long stringers that are on the way.
Price: € 230 Group 4 people € 205 Group 3 people € 160 Group 2 people prices include: rent kayaks and accessories, car trips, lunch (grilled or lots to choose from), insurance coverage.

2 - Kayak -Escursione di pesca sul Grande Fiume
with its history and its gifts, to spend exciting moments, in search of the giant freshwater: the Siluro.From Crema to a full day dedicated to sport fishing with a choice between two sports, even under the conditions of the river, one upstream and one downstream of the dam for electricity Isle Serafini.The Po, with its majesty and its vast silences, instill harmony of the past, and the hunt for robber always exciting.
Price: € 320 Group of 4 people € 270 group of 3 people € 200 group of 2 people € 100 single The prices are all inclusive Nolo kayaks and accessories, car trips, lunch (grilled or lots to choose from), fishing accessories if any, insurance coverage

3 - Kayak
In one of the most beautiful river oxbow lakes of Europe, which is located about 8 km on an old shaft of the river Adda, which in 1976 ruled the main course with a full strong, everyone can experience full immersion into nature a kayak .Here the still waters and green nature of the park, make it a haven for local flora and fauna. Departure is from Crema starting in Cavenago D'Adda and return to the same place after about 15 km nature
Price: € 200 group of 4 people € 180 group of 3 people € 140 group of 2 people Prices are all inclusive Rent kayaks and accessories, car trips, lunch (lots / grill choice), insurance coverage

4 - Tennis Club Experience
The Tennis Club Crema is located on the outskirts of the city behind the beautiful countryside Crema ideal position to stimulate the brain and improve mood after a good game of tennis sport and outdoor activities more and more 'practiced and followed in Italy .The completion of the new plant scheduled for the end of the summer, will lead the club to the top of the tennis facilities Lombardy. The center is equipped with highly qualified staff: Masters National certificates Fit -Federazione Italian Tennis
Price: From 9 to 18 EUR _12.00 From 18 to 23 _ 15.00 € It 'a gym -c Fitness- and the Bistro restaurant at the Tennis (cost excluded from the price).

5 - Golf Club Experience
The Golf Crema Resort is set in the beautiful surroundings of rural Podere Ombriano, unique example of agricultural architecture nineteenth century, located in the Natural Park of the Moso, a wildlife very impressive.The Golf Crema offers players an 18-hole golf course, Daddy, and a 9-hole course, the Mummy, can meet the technical needs of the more experienced players, but also to pass for less experienced players a pleasant day on the greens. The path Daddy- 18 championship holes, par 73, length 6580 meters - is the longest golf course in Italy and its path is added to 13 lakes that bring the landscape to that existing profile before the big reclamation took place in the fourteenth century, an ideal environment to be "day" and to fully enjoy the game.
Price: € 40.00 ( kayak included € 57.00)

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