Tasty Crema

The “cremasco” kitchen, rooted in the country tradition, is marked by a wide use of barnyard animal such as pigs, goose and ducks, and a wide selection of first courses and desserts that makes the Crema’s culinary tradition one of the most valuable and precious in Northern Italy. A thriving agricultural reality that has however been able to diversify and stay up to date. Crema has managed to make itself known throughout Italy, for some years now, thanks to the confectionery excellences. Pastry shops producing typical dessert (Treccia D'Oro and Spongarda) stands close to an ice-cream laboratory that has been awarded as the best laboratory in Italy in 2010. A must have is undoubtedly a taste of our most dish: Tortelli cremaschi . It is fresh pasta stuffed with a delicate sweet dough made with amaretto chocolate and spices topped with plenty of butter and cheese. The typical feature of this dish is the balance between the sweetness of the filling, the tasty spice and the right thickness.

If is true that “we are what we eat” a city with such a sweet name could only enjoy numerous specialities. The famous Bandirali nougat, purchased at the ice cream shop in town where you can see about booking production and taste the sweetness. The delicious “Tortelli Cremaschi”you can taste in all the restaurants of the city or during the traditional manifestation in Ferragosto at the “Tortellata Cremasca” where you can also find other local specialties such as "Salva Cremasco" typical cheese, salami, and Spongarda: another local cake.
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