Quiet, relax and genuine product.

Why Crema?
In the middle of the Po Valley, Crema is a combination of history, flavors and traditions. What makes Crema a place with a high quality of living is its ability to provide a range of services typical of a big city, without losing those rural characteristics, synonym of quiet, relax and genuine product. By choosing Crema, the tourist experiences the uniqueness of Expo and the Italian way of life in Milan, still able to enjoy the peace and calmness of Crema.

Why Extraordinary Crema?
The intent in this project is to fit perfectly into the Expo’s theme , by increasing the value of uniqueness and peculiarities of Crema and the “Cremasco” area in those domains that are representative of Expo 2015, such as food and territory. With this goal, a series of thematic itineraries have been created, concerning culture, gastronomy, art, sport and nature. “Extraordinary” because for the first time institutions and companies cooperate in order to create incoming tourism packages to tell the world the how unique the peculiarities of our territory are.

Varius thematic itineraries about concerning culture, gastronomy, art, sport and nature.

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